I’m one week out from the TCS New York City Marathon, and I have never felt more unprepared for a race in my life.


Let me explain. I’ve been an active runner for almost three years now. The first year was all about exploration and seeking the thrill of the miles. The second was focused on getting better (read: faster). The third has been mostly tepid participation.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment that the funk started, but it definitely festered throughout this year. And  apathy hit hardcore a few weeks into training for the NYC Marathon. I lost speed from the spring. I missed short weekday runs. Then I missed longer weekend runs. I really had no motivation for getting out and putting in the miles. I often thought of just bowing out of the race, but then I remembered I’d already paid for it and bought non-refundable airfare.

I know this is a poor-me post, but all is not lost.

I figure I’ll take this opportunity to make NYC an experience and to enjoy it as much as I can – even if it takes me 8 1/2 hours to finish the thing. So, if you follow me on Twitter, I’ll be posting through the race using #glennrunsnyc.

Prepare for ridiculousness.



9 responses to “#glennrunsnyc

  1. I’ve been injured all summer and into the fall. Barely done any running at all since July. So…yeah…this is also just going to be an “enjoy NYC” sort of thing. 😀

    • Sorry to hear your training hasn’t gone well! If you were going to enjoy a marathon, I’d say this is a good one!

    • It’ll be fun, right?! At least there should be entertainment along the way. Good luck to you! Looking forward to reading your recap.

  2. Yep, nothing to do but enjoy it! If you need anything while you’re there, my sister and nephew live a block off the NJ end of the GW Bridge, so let me know!

  3. I was getting a little concerned about the radio silence coming from this once buzzing blog. But glad to know you’re going to make the most of your New York City Marathon experience. Enjoy the course, the overwhelmingly international crowd, the millions of spectators and that gorgeous finish in Central Park. I look forward to hearing about how it goes. Make it happen, Glennicio Del Toro.

  4. Glenn, thanks for stopping by my blog. My training slump was the inverse of yours – travel, humidity, etc. broke up my early training, did better September on but still decided it would be a 26.2 fun run – and it was.

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