I lied.

So…I had decided not to run a full marathon this year to give myself a break from training. I thought it would be a good idea to take a year off and let the desire to run 26.2 miles build back up.

But I still had the itch, so I tossed my name into the New York City Marathon lottery in December. Just to see what would happen. There’s no way I would be chosen on the very first time I entered.



But I was.

So I guess that’s what I’ll be running this fall!


Have you run NYC? I’m going to be scouring blogs to read up on the experience, so if you have a race report, leave a link in the comments, please.

Until next time, keep running, friends.


7 responses to “I lied.

  1. Nice, congrats on the lottery luck! I’ll be in NYC as well, though it took three consecutive failed lottery entries to get me there. Hope we have the chance to meet, though I can only imagine what an absolute zoo Manhattan will be that weekend…

    • Thanks, Mike! I think you’ll be in a much faster corral than me, but we should definitely make an effort to meet face to face.

      (Isn’t Manhattan always a zoo?)

    • Thanks, Matt. You’ve been killing your races lately. Is there a full on the docket for you this year?

  2. Dude, not to belittle your good fortune, but it feels like EVERYONE got into New York this year. You got in, Otter got in, Mike got in, my uncle-in-law Jim got in. Makes me wish I had applied this year to join the party. Oh well — congrats on being chosen. I ran this monster in 2011 and loved it, per this story: http://dans-marathon.com/2011/11/07/state-seventeen-new-york-ing-new-york-city-marathon/

    And you didn’t fool me for a second with that “no marathons this year” jest. I scoff at you, you Charla-glenn!

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