Second blogiversary giveaway!

Well, See Glenn Run turns 2 today, and I figured a celebration was in order. So I’m happy to announce the return of THE BALEGA SOCK GIVEAWAY!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me why you run. Pretty simple, kids. I’ll select a winner randomly (as witnessed by whomever is around me at that time) at noon on Wednesday, November 27th.

Not exact model of sock. Your sock may vary.

Not exact model of sock. Your sock may vary.

Until then, keep running, friends.


17 responses to “Second blogiversary giveaway!

  1. Sweet! Happy 2nd blogiversary! Why do I run? Oh boy… lots of reasons, but most of all, I run because it calms me. It’s my meditation. It’s how I think the best and get in tune with the present tense.

  2. I run to feel air in my lungs.
    I run because sometimes I don’t want to.
    I run to keep the demons away.
    I run because it feels amazing when I stop.
    I run to forget and to remember.
    I run for joy.

  3. Happy Second Glenniversary! Glad to see you’re running stronger than ever, especially after completing the original goal of the blog.

    I run because, whereas some parts of my life aren’t where I’d like them to be, I can improve myself, my health and my heart in a very tangible, meaningful way by lacing up. If our health is our first priority, then running makes me feel like I’m living the way I should be.

  4. Happy blogiversary! I run to keep off the weight I lost. I run to clear my head and reflect on the many blessings I have in my life. I run to feel strong.

  5. Congrats on reaching a milestone with your blog. If only you could get some hardware for your accomplishment. )
    Now about me: I run because it helps me handle stress and keep my head in a good place. When pushed to the edge, most people have only one of two choices: fight or flee. As a runner, I can exercise both options and feel better for it. I can push myself up hills and gain the sense that I can push past whatever’s bugging me. At the same time, I can feel wind on my face and escape. When I’m running, I can’t be brought down by anything, not even the noxious fart bombs you sometimes drop in front of my path.

  6. Happy 2-year Anniversary!! That’s awesome!!

    Why do I run? I run for freedom. I run to clear my head. I run to breathe. I run to escape. I run to better myself. I run to challenge myself. I run because my grandpa used to…and when he had a stroke he had to stop. I picked up the torch to keep the sport alive in my family. I run for Grandpa. I run for myself. I run for a little girl with cancer. I run from troubles. I run to open arms. I run to find myself. I run to find my smile. I run…because it’s the thing that brings me the most joy in life. No matter the speed, the pace, the distance…I always find myself on that road.

  7. Keeping demons away is a good reason to run. But honestly, I run because my mama blessed me with a giant ass that must be kept in check lest it grow large enough to tip me backwards.

  8. I started running to reverse health problems caused by years of inactivity. 20 marathons later, I’m still at it. I couldn’t imagine life without running.

  9. First, congrats! I run for many reasons and one is to set a good example for my children. I also like to test the limits of my body, push it to “places” it has never been or I thought it could ever go! I have my first Ultra this weekend, the JFK 50, it should be the true test of the harmony between my body and mind!

  10. Thank you all for your thoughtful (and sometimes funny) comments. I just conducted a blind draw with the guy who sits across the hall from me at work, and I’m happy to say that the winner is Pam! (Her double post did not give her an advantage.)

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