2013 Spring schedule

Confession: Originally, I had started an entry about how I’ve grown to tolerate (and, on some occasions, look forward to) running on a treadmill, but then I read this entry. And this entry. And I couldn’t come off looking like a copycat. In all honesty, the dreaded machine has been pretty effective for controlled speedwork and has offered a respite from the bitter cold that appears here in Louisville between stretches of 70-degree weather. What’s that about climate change?

Putting together a spring calendar for this year was a very different experience than last year. For starters, the first part of 2012 was spent training for the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon, and I used a series of local races known as the Triple Crown of Racing to build up to that race. It was a great schedule, but seeing as how I wanted to run a full this spring, that plan just wouldn’t work for 2013.

I set out late last fall to put together a calendar that would 1) not detract from my training and 2) give me a chance to run some courses outside Louisville. I’ve officially registered for three races (two halfs – halves? – and one full), but I’m trying to work in a few shorter events (5ks and the like) to set a few new PRs here and there.

My Spring 2013 calendar:
2013-scenic-city-half-marathon-logoFebruary 23: Scenic City Half Marathon
Chattanooga, TN

I found this race when I was browsing around the Interwebs looking for a half to run near Nashville with a friend who had expressed interest in running her first 13.1. Scenic City, which winds around downtown Chattanooga and crosses the Tennessee River twice, seems like it will be fun. I’m hoping the race has some relatively decent support since the ‘Nooga isn’t all that big.

orrrclogoApril 7: ORRRC Half Marathon
Xenia, OH

I had originally planned to run the Southern Indiana Classic Half Marathon in Evansville, Indiana. Then my friend, Dawn, told me that registration for the Ohio River Road Runners Club Half Marathon was just $25. Chip timed. And you get a medal. And a shirt. And hot food afterward. Done. Billed as the oldest continuous marathon in the Buckeye State, the ORRRC race will be my second half marathon in Ohio.

flying-pig-logoMay 5: Flying Pig Marathon
Cincinnati, OH
Somewhat impulsively, I signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon expo. I now have several friends (including training partners) who are running the race as well. My sister lives just outside Cincinnati, and my parents will be able to drive up and watch me (whereas it wasn’t so easy for them to get to DC for the last one). Plus, my sister is still on track to run her first 5k, so this is one I’m really looking forward to.

So that’s the schedule so far. I’d really like to find some shorter races closer to home and a few more longer races in May and June before fall training kicks in.

Any suggestions?


11 responses to “2013 Spring schedule

  1. I look forward to hearing about these races, Glenlivet. I’m especially intrigued to read about the second 13.1 miles of the Flying Pig, namely because I vowed to run the full marathon almost immediately after finishing the half two years ago. Good times ahead!

    • Thanks, Daniel-san. Judging by the elevation chart for FG, the second half of the race should be mostly downhill. I think you’ve already run the hardest part sans the reward. There’s still time to register!

  2. Good luck with your races Glenn! It looks like you’ve got a pretty full schedule coming up. I’ll be thinking about your chilly Louisville weather while I’m running through the brisk 85-90 degree Hyderabad streets 😛

    • Thanks, David! Hyderabad, huh? I can’t imagine that you’re experiencing sub-freezing temps there. Good luck with your new city. I hope you get the chance to experience some races there!

  3. Glenn, love your blog! I notice you’re looking to do Chicago. Last year it sold out very quickly. I was lucky to make it my first (maybe only) full. Anyway, get signed up early! Check out my blog about this year’s goal!

    • Hi, Matt! Thanks for stopping by – and thanks for the tip! I have the time blocked on my Outlook calendar today, so I’ll be logged on and ready to register.

      Looking forward to following your blog!

  4. I’m looking forward to hearing how the OH races are – I was thinking of going small and the Ohio Roadrunners one looks like it might be a good fit – price is right for sure!!

    • I ran a small half last year in Morrow, Ohio (northeast of Cincy). It was fun and well-organized. I’m hoping Xenia will run as smooth. You should run it. $25 is a steal!

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