I’ve been a lazy blogger

January is almost over, and I’ve yet to record one blog entry for 2013. Part of my excuse is that I’ve just been neglectful. But another part is that I’ve really not had much to write about that anyone would find interesting. Training for Flying Pig began in earnest on January 1, and that’s pretty much the only running-related thing I’ve been doing all month.

Good news, though. Through all this training, I’m getting faster. I’ve tried to pick up the pace during longer runs and to incorporate my version of speed work into shorter runs. What’s my version, you ask? It’s pretty simple. Get on the treadmill. Turn it down to a pace I can’t possibly run, and hope not to go flying off the back of it like those poor people on The Biggest Loser. There’s a group in Louisville that meets on Tuesday nights to do real speed work at a high school track, but I’ve yet to work out with them. And I’ve also been running more hills. The Flying Pig course is rather undulating, so hill work is a necessary evil.

Active since 1970? I wasn't even alive in the 70s.

Active since 1970? I wasn’t even alive in the 70s.

I’ve actually written a handful of half-finished entries, but I just haven’t dedicated myself enough to finish them. These include some Profiles in Running entries, so be on the lookout for those.

Meanwhile, other bloggers out there are definitely putting in effort – for both running and blogging. Tod, over at The Road Continues, is celebrating “Janathon” by exercising and posting EVERY SINGLE DAY.  There are also a few recaps from the Disney Marathon (including Dan’s and Aurora’s).  T-Rex Runner has kept her prolific posting with usual wit and sarcasm. And Jeff over at The Run Factory started a new adventure in the world of personal training.

So I promise to be a better blogger in the coming weeks. With no races scheduled for another month, you’ll just have to learn to love reading about where to do hill work in Louisville, the Bourbon Chase and other running-esque subjects.

Until then, keep running, friends.


8 responses to “I’ve been a lazy blogger

  1. Thanks for the mention and great training. I know that exact feeling you mention of fearing you’ll be flung off the back of the treadmill. So far, so good.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out and hot dog on that speed work! Good stuff! I always liken speedwork to giving in to play. When I was a kid, sprinting out the door to recess was never an issue. I looked forward to it even. Just play and have fun!

    • Funny how that works, huh? One of the things I’ve tried to do this year is focus and chill out at the same time. If I need a walk break, I take a walk break. I find it refreshes my legs and my mind, and I end up going faster. It’s been fun so far!

  3. No worries, Glennfiddich, we haven’t forgotten about you. Looks like both of our next races are on the same weekend, so we’ll both be going through race-radio silence for a while. Nice to see that you’re getting faster though! What’s responsible for the uptick? Tempo runs? Intervals? Mile repeats? SPRINTS?

    • I’m hoping to write more than just race recaps, but I’m finding it hard to come up with an exciting topic. Where’s your next race?

      I’m getting there, man. Running faster is simply more fun. I’ve just been trying harder. I push myself on tempo runs, do some speed work once a week, and incorporate hills much, much, much more than ever before. It’s hard work, but I’m lovin’ the results!

      • I’m running Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans in a little under four weeks. Though I’m glad to hear your strategy for speed is “all of the above,” I’m impressed that you’ve thrown in hills. They’re my least favorite exercise. In fact, I like all others EXCEPT hills. But such a necessary (and crazy effective) evil.

        Also, found a blogger who is going for Flying Pig as her second full marathon (elihawkinsblog.wordpress.com) and the Bad Angels are running it as well (www.rulesforrunning.com).

      • New Orleans will be your first in Louisiana, right? At least it should be flat!

        I’m a reluctant hill runner who finds myself on them every weekend. One of my training partners ran the hills here in Louisville to prep for Big Sur and found them to be sufficient. But you’re right – I think they’re making the biggest difference in getting faster/stronger, so I’ll keep doing them.

        Thanks for sharing the links! I’m always looking out for fellow nerds bloggers!

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