New design and free stuff

You may have noticed a few changes going around here. I’ve been fidgeting with the overall look and layout of this blog for awhile, but pre-made WordPress themes allow you to only do so much. I had finally found a theme that I could live with, but I wanted to make sure the header was unique to this blog. Cut to this:


Sad fact: I used Photoshop to make this image.

That’s right. Soak in the radiance of stick figure art. Needless to say it was a nice surprise when an email from the infamous Dan Solera popped up in my inbox attached with the artwork you see here:


Out of pure generosity and a slow day at work, Dan sketched out the rotting zombies chasing the Lil’ Glenn character. Maybe he’s just really observant, or maybe I should start to switch up my race day wardrobe, but Dan got all of the details of Lil’ Glenn down to the color of shorts/shirt/buff I wear. But he made a few mistakes. He gave me a nice forefoot strike and some biceps. In real life, neither of those things exists. Thanks anyway, D.

So since Mr. Solera decided to do something so nice without an incentive and since we’re in the season of giving, I’ve decided to follow his lead and pay it forward. Leave a comment on this post, and next Friday (December 14th), I’ll randomly draw a winner for – wait for it – a FREE PAIR OF BALEGA SOCKS. Everybody loves socks, and this just proves I’ll do anything for a comment.


30 responses to “New design and free stuff

  1. Love the new artwork! When I started running at the beginning of the year I wrote “Run from the Zombies or they’ll eat you!” on top of my training plan. Yup. lol.
    And don’t worry about the biceps and the forefoot strike! I’d love for someone to draw me with a flat tummy and a slightly bigger behind. Enjoy it! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ve always had an unnatural fear of zombies, and I’ve even adjusted running routes based on the chance of an attack happening. It’s weird. I own it.

  2. Cool header Glenn! And Balega socks are the bomb! They are the incentive I need to leave a comment, instead of just lurking on your blog, like I normally do. 🙂

  3. The first thing I thought when I saw the header was “Glenn doesn’t have biceps”. Dan must be a true friend.

  4. I love the updates Glenn, and I think the header is great. Wonder if you can get it to move… that would be a cool addition to it.. 🙂

    • Love it. You could probably parlay this talent into some kind of money-making scheme. Custom Blog Headers by Dan. It’s got a ring, no? Thanks again for creating the artwork!

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