When pigs fly

I’m officially registered for the 2013 Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati.

I felt like I would need to register for another marathon before I finished my first one to keep me going. So while I was at the MCM Expo, I happened upon the Flying Pig booth, and Irene, the race representative, asked if I was interested in registering for next year’s race. It would be fun to say that I just had an impulsive moment, but that’s not the truth. I’d actually been thinking about signing up for the race for a good minute, and ultimately, the mental list of positives made me take the iPad from Irene and complete the registration right then and there.

The Flying Pig booth at the MCM Expo

For starters, the race is close to home, and my parents will be able to come watch. My sister lives just outside Cincinnati, so I’ll have somewhere comfortable to crash before and after. And as an added bonus, she’ll be running her first race that weekend – a 5k that’s part of the festivities. There, Donna. It’s on the Internet. Now you have to do it.

Second, my friend, Lindsay, was in search of a spring running buddy. She’s much faster than me, so training with her will give me an opportunity to get my butt in shape (literally) and shave some time off my MCM performance.

Also, Runner’s World named it the “best-named” marathon in the US, so that has to count for something, right?

I’m working on full race calendar for 2013, including any additional marathons. If you have any favorites, shout ‘em out.


8 responses to “When pigs fly

    • I’m pretty pumped (even though it’s still pretty far out). It’s close enough for my parents to come watch, and that was pretty much the deciding factor.

  1. Nice! I ran the Flying Pig Half in 2011 and PR’d, so naturally I have fond memories. I can’t speak to miles 11-25 for obvious reasons, but the first half was awesome. There is only one big climb and it happens around mile 5. Anyway, glad to see the marathon didn’t discourage you from keeping the challenge alive.


    • I’m hoping for a PR, too, even if there is a hill. Logistically, this is an easy race for me. I just need to get faster and stronger.

  2. Ballsy is the man who signs up for a *second* full marathon before he’s even run his first. Dan and I ran the half in 2011, and it was a blast — they really do a great job with that race. You’re 2-for-2 so far in picking kickass marathons to run.

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