All I do is run

Confession: I just sang that in my head to the tune of DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win.” Don’t pretend like you didn’t.

So that’s my weak excuse for not blogging for the past few weeks. I am constantly running. Or at least that’s how it feels. And I figured all four of you didn’t want to read about 16-mile long runs on Saturdays or finding a balance of nutrition that doesn’t leave me so hungry I woof down pancakes like a fat kid woofs down pancakes.

My friend, Eileen, gave me the heads up that I would want to eat all the time once the 30+ mile weeks started, and she was right. I’m pretty sure I can’t get full. Maybe I have a tapeworm. Whatever it is, it’s kinda cool to eat basically anything I want.

At any rate, training is coming along just fine, except for one thing. The longer mid-week runs are making me exhausted. It’s been too hot to run in the evenings, so I’ve been trying to get them finished in the morning. But that means getting up at 5:15 and pounding the pavement for a few hours before a full day of work. And when I get home, I’m completely worn out.

Marathoners – any advice for getting through the next three weeks of heavy training before my taper?


4 responses to “All I do is run

  1. While it IS great to be hungry all the time, you should be careful not to abuse of your powers. It’s so tempting to wolf down a huge helping of Chinese after a 16+ mile run, but you don’t want to undo the effort. It’s definitely good to TREAT YO SELF after a hard effort, but keep the goal in mind: get stronger for the big day.

    I’m not much of a morning runner and I’ll admit that for some reason, it does make me sluggish when I churn out a hard run before work. I think in that case you just have to make sure you eat a high-energy breakfast so you don’t crash later on in the day. Also, eat small snacks in between meals, like almonds or fresh fruit.

    • Thanks for the advice, Dan. I’ve been monitoring my nutrition for over a year now, but just as a way of keeping caloric intake in check. Now that I’m requiring many, many more calories to keep up with what I’m using, I’m finding it hard to consume the right kinds of foods in enough quantity to make up the difference.

      The weather broke last week, so I’m attempting evening runs all this week, which should hopefully help with the afternoon sluggishness.

      Here’s to three more weeks of hard training!

  2. I can’t be much help since I just did my first marathon on Saturday, but if I could offer any advice it would be to stick to your training plan as much as possible.

    I’ve been following your story since the spring and I know you had that setback earlier this summer which is why I think it’s even more important. For me, it was so easy to skip a run here or there toward the end of my training, and for the last 6 weeks or so I only managed about one run a week. I didn’t think it would really hurt me, especially since I managed to fit in two 20-mile runs and I felt pretty good after them, but it definitely did (I’ll have a race report posted soon with all the gory details).

    Other than that, I agree with what Dan said. It’s easy to indulge when you’re burning so many calories, but it can still catch up to you. Just make sure you’re fueling your body accordingly for all the work you’re doing.

  3. First off – congratulations on your marathon finish, Matt! That’s awesome, and I look forward to your race report.

    When I was training for my first half, I definitely slacked off a bit with the short runs. But I learned my lesson. They’re there for a reason, so I’m trying not to skip any during this training session. I’m kind of approaching this as a grin-and-bear-it-for-a-few-weeks and then I can taper.

    Thanks for the advice!

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