Marine Corps Marathon training has begun

This week marked the official beginning of Marine Corps Marathon training. I’m using the Hal Higdon Novice 1 training program mainly because the short runs during the week are achievable. I looked at a few programs that required multiple 10+ mile runs during the week, and that’s just not a feasible option for me. I’m a few weeks behind in starting the program, so I just skipped those and started with week 2.

All in all, this week went rather well, despite the fact that Hell is visiting Kentucky and brought along this wonderful weather. It’s been so friggin’ hot outside. Wednesday’s 5K was brutal. And I just skipped Thursday’s run altogether. No more of that.

For the first long run (7 miles) this weekend, I met up with my old running buddies and some members of the Not Quite Ready For Prime Time Running group (NQRFPTR). Even at 6:30 in the morning, it was hot and muggy. Our route took us on an out-and-back from the Highlands through Cherokee Park to Seneca Park and back. I wasn’t so keen on running Cherokee just yet because of all the hills, but I figured we’d need to tackle them at some point, so why not start there? Plus, I was already awake. And I didn’t want to run 7 miles alone.

Oy. Hills and heat are not a good combination.

The NQRFPT folks were exceptionally nice and accommodating. The group is made up of all kinds of runners – each with his or her own races and goals. It’s a nice little setup. The route master plots a course based on the longest distance needed for that week. Everyone follows along and just turns back when he/she gets halfway. Two members of the group, Howard and Harry, decided to run with us for the full seven miles. Harry even ran a bit further with Matt.

At one point, on a hill that I was less than enthusiastic to climb, Howard gave me some gentle prodding that helped me along. I think I’ll like running with them on future outings.

I really don’t have much else to report. There are a few upcoming short races I might run just for fun. Other than that, I’m just going to be plugging along. Heat and all.

Keep running, friends.


4 responses to “Marine Corps Marathon training has begun

  1. Yay, you’ve met Howard! Did he tell you his porn star story yet? Or the circulator bus one? And was he wearing funny shorts? Or tell you hills are your friend? (and if fact, they are)

    • Glenn has a lot of miles to run still so I’m saving some of the stories till we’re out on the road for awhile. And, what do you mean “funny shorts”? I’m stylish!

    • Wow. I haven’t heard any of these stories yet. He did tell me that hills are my friend. I think they’re more like frenemies.

  2. I like the Hal Higdon programs. I used on for my first half and am (sort of) following the Intermediate I for the MCM. I cheated and ran the Mad Half this weekend, so I know all about hills.

    Happy training!

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