Profiles in Running: Sarah Pierce

Sarah is a good friend who I met a few years back here in Louisville. She’s one of those fast runners. (I caught up with Sarah for all of about five minutes in this year’s Papa John’s 10 miler before she left me in her dust.) She’s also a Bluegrass music fan, a teacher and a traveller (not the Gypsy kind).

Sarah contemplates a run past the cemeteries near her house

How long have you been running?
My parents forced me to run xc when I started high school. I had fallen in with a rough crowd and they were smart enough to know that runners are good kids, and usually their parents are very involved. It worked like a charm and I found my way again!  I never stopped running after that.

Why do you run?
To stay in shape, mostly. Occasionally I have a truly resplendent run that makes me feel on top of the world. Usually it’s a bit of a chore but I always feel great afterwards. These days I run the mini to make sure I haven’t gotten too old to do it.

On average, how many miles do you put in each week?
I mostly just run four or five miles at a time. I might run three or four days a week. But not when it’s hot. Or when it’s cold. I’m a fair-weather runner.

One of our mutual friends is just getting into running. What’s some good advice for her or other newbies?
I’m not much for giving advice because we’re all so different in what we like. I myself am very particular about how and where and when I like to run.  How about this: Start slow. Enjoy the scenery. If you’re bored, try running faster or go run somewhere where you can people-watch. Or listen to your favorite music. Join up with a running group if that sounds good or you need motivation. Get a good sports bra. Set goals if that’s what drives you. If you still hate it, try cycling instead!  Oh, and read Glenn’s blog! [Editor’s note: Flattery gets you everywhere with me.]

You live in Germantown, which is surrounded by (rather large) cemeteries. This will probably be a hotbed for activity during the zombie apocalypse here in Louisville. So what are your plans for survival?
Don’t be silly, Glenn.  Zombies aren’t real. [Editor’s note: I had no previous knowledge that Sarah is an unbeliever.]

What’s your favorite running/race memory?
The beauteous glory of the Otter Creek Park 8-mile trail run in December?  When I ran my best mini despite the pain of plantar fasciitis?  When I pooped in Iroquois Park and subsequently gained a new lease on the Papa Johns 10 Miler?  One of those.

Any upcoming races you’re looking forward to?
The next one is the fall – the Louisville Sports Commission Half.  Then I’ll do the Papa Johns 10 Miler and the KDF mini. Then do it all over again!

Profiles in Running is a biweekly effort (published every other Wednesday) to showcase other runners on this blog, regardless of his/her skill level or experience. Know someone who should be featured? Drop me a line.


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