Sitting still is driving me mad

I don’t have much to report. I’m nearly halfway through this mandatory rest period, and I’m going a bit stir crazy. The heat is helping quash my desires to get out there and join the ranks of the running, but there have been recent cool mornings where I’ve just wanted to take off. I’m being patient, though. And diligent. I’ve taken the prescribed anti-inflammatory every morning (and I don’t like to take medicine). And I’ve tried to keep from straining my back as much as possible. But it’s rather boring sitting around all the time.

Though, I did take the opportunity to read Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. I tend to consume books rather quickly, and this one was no exception. Maybe it’s this recent ailment, but it made an impact on me. I bought some chia seeds and I’ve been reading everything I could find online about minimalist running.

On paper, it makes sense. When I was a kid, I never wore shoes. Playing in the yard or working on the farm or riding my bike. All shoeless. I can even remember running on our gravel driveway. Somewhere along the line, I stopped doing those things. So maybe Mr. McDougall is right. Maybe we were born to run equipped with everything we need to do it properly. Now, living in a city, running barefoot is just not feasible (or smart). But there are ways around it – like my friend Mark described with his Vibram FiveFingers shoes.

So I’ve made a plan to run my first few miles back in a greenspace near my house. It’s a former extension campus of the University of Louisville that’s being redeveloped into a business park. But for now, there’s plenty of wide open grass to test out this theory of shoeless running. If that seems to be going well, I’ll probably look into buying a pair of FiveFingers for road running. But all of that depends on how well this rest period works.

Speaking of which, I think my back is getting better. The numbness comes less frequently and seems to be less severe. I find that it’s triggered by sitting on a hard surface for too long or in an awkward position. And it’s all but completely disappeared from when I first awake in the mornings. That’s a good sign, right?

That’s really all I’ve got for now.

Keep running, friends.


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