Last week of mini training

This entry is really more a collection of random thoughts than a cohesive blog post.

This past weekend marked the last “long” training run before the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon. The training guide had us running just five miles.

Just five miles.

It’s funny how just a few months ago, five miles would cause me to break out in a panic about whether or not I could run that far.

This weekend was also the 22nd edition of Thunder Over Louisville, which marks the official start of the Kentucky Derby Festival – two weeks of nonstop events that lead up to the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports. It’s a pretty special time to live here. I like to think that Louisville is a Midwestern city that turns into a genteel southern town two weeks a year.

I digress.

So the race is less than a week away. I feel ready, but not as prepared as I did for the Papa John’s 10 Miler. I think missing a lot of short runs during the past few weeks has put a damper on the mental side of my training. I’m determined to get through that, though, and run the best race I can.

There are just two extremely short runs this week – three miles and one mile. I don’t even know where to run just one mile.

I’m really going to miss the weekend long runs with my friends. For the past four months, we’ve gotten up every Saturday (or occasional Sunday) to head out into the cold or the rain or, more recently, the heat, to run together. I still remember the first time we ran – three miles around the track at Seneca Park. I finished, but I thought I was going to barf. And then four miles, five miles, six miles came and went. We had to find different parts of the city to cover our longer runs, and eventually, we just started running all over the place (even to Indiana). It’s been a fun journey, and I hope we’ll all still find time to run together. Of course, Amie and I have 24 weeks of Marine Corps Marathon training to cover together soon.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to Carbalooza 2012 this Thursday, and then the big day this weekend.

Keep running, friends.


4 responses to “Last week of mini training

  1. Even though I’m not running the mini, I know you’ll be just fine. Keep running hard, one foot in front of the other…just like the 10k. You can do it! I’m proud of you.

    • Thank you, Carrie! Maybe you can come pace me for the first part of the race? We need to find some summer races to run together.

  2. The taper time is a real kicker – my 35 minute run felt so short yesterday – your body’s like “okay, now what?” And I echo your thoughts regarding Louisville’s Derby identity (as soon as Thunder fever started hitting downtown, I felt that prickle of “oh boy, here comes the hordes”).
    Even though you’ve missed a few runs, you’ve been steadily training for a long time – you’re probably doing a good thing by letting your body recover and rest and be tip top for the mini… At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself (I missed two runs last week, but my knee was in a bad way so I felt it best to rest). Just keep the mental training going – you’re going to do great at the Mini! I’ll see you there (in spirit – if I can spot anyone I know who’s running this it’ll be a miracle – I can’t believe it sold out!)
    Best of luck to you!!!! You’ve got this in the bag!!!

    • I’m ready to do this thing. I’ve been keeping up with your training. If you can make it up the Cherokee Park hills, you’re gonna be fine with this pancake-flat course. Good luck Saturday!

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