Profiles in Running: Lindsay Seidel

Lindsay is a friend and neighbor who might be the most accomplished runner I know. She enjoys a good karaoke song (or two), baking and indulging in pistachio ice cream from The Comfy Cow.

Lindsay after the Caesar Creek half trail marathon in Columbus, Ohio.

How long have you been running?
I would say a solid 6 or 7 years. I only dabbled a year or two before that.

On average, how many miles do you put in each week?
It depends on if I am training for anything – for instance, since Big Sur training has kicked into full swing I usually get in 35-40 miles per week. When there isn’t a race on the horizon I still like to get in around 25.

You run fast. Really fast. What’s your PR for a 5K? Marathon?
Speed is really subjective – and always changes depending on the race I am running/training for (besides, there are loads of people out there that are faster than me)! My theory is that I just go out there, have a good race, enjoy the day and have a strong finish, no matter what the time; but I guess deep down it is always exciting to set a PR! I was pretty proud of my PR for the 2010 Chicago marathon at 4:17:50.

You’re an avid trail runner. Don’t you ever worry about zombies in the woods? They tend to hang out there.
You know, I’ve often thought about it. That is why I wear my Road ID just in case I can’t outrun them or trip on a tree root.

Do you participate in any other sports or sporting activities?
I am proud to say that I was a member of the Schweaty Balls Kickball team for a couple of seasons.  Go Schweaties!

I also LOVE trail running, but I guess that is still considered running.

What’s your favorite running/race memory?
There are so many that it is really hard to choose. BUT, I could narrow it down to these two:

  1. The 2010 Chicago Marathon – I ran the race with my friend Cindy (who got me into all this marathon nonsense), had a PR and a strong finish. Not to mention the crowds are ahhh-mazing. Streets lined almost the entire way!
  2. The Dances with Dirt Trail half marathon in Gnaw Bone, Indiana. Craziest race I have ever run. In. My. Life. You ran through all sorts of woods, the Brown County State Park campground, shin-deep water…it was definitely fun and an exciting experience. Looking forward to doing it again soon.

Any upcoming races you’re looking forward to?
Yes! I am super-duper pumped about the Big Sur Marathon at the end of April in Monterey, California, that I will be running with Kim Kennell, a co-worker and newly found running buddy. Not to mention the recovery wine trolley tour the next day.

Profiles in Running is a biweekly effort (published every other Wednesday) to showcase other runners on this blog, regardless of his/her skill level or experience. Know someone who should be featured? Drop me a line.


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