Half-marathon training has begun

Tonight’s two-mile run marked the official start of training for the 2012 Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon. I’ve been running for a few weeks now, so while it’s not technically the first step, I felt like it was a blog-worthy milestone.

I still haven’t gotten the clothing down just right for running outside in the cold. The other night, when it was around 40 degrees, I put on tights, shorts, a compression shirt, a t-shirt, gloves and a hat. I ran by two people who were wearing just shorts and t-shirts. I’m sure they thought I looked ridiculous. And to be honest, I was ripping off articles of clothing by the end of my run.

At any rate, you can follow along with my progress (including my splits) on the KDF Mini Training page.

Happy trails.


5 responses to “Half-marathon training has begun

  1. After a break, I’m back to training as well … but my next race is this Saturday in 15-degree snow. Can’t believe I’m paying to do this.

    See you at the Derby!

      • It was moved to this coming Saturday because of extreme weather. That said, I’m looking at the 5-day forecast and this weekend is going to be pretty much the same. Here’s to hoping they don’t duck out AGAIN.

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